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Catalin Ciubotaru joins the show today to share his industry insights and the advantages and disadvantages of using Angular in a startup. Two way binding in Angular.js solves this problem effectively. Add the appropriate directive to the controls and get synchronization in both directions. HR Software Development Services Changes to the model are reflected in the view, and editing the view immediately updates the model. Adam Klein and Boris Dinkevich join us to talk about the AngularUP Conference in 2016, what’s involved in putting on a conference, and fill us in on the huge Angular community in Israel.

If you’re a Frontend Developer that has been stuck on side projects due to a lack of backend/auth/database layers knowledge, then this show is for you! In this episode, Michael Liendo demonstrates how AWS Amplify’s powerful tooling makes backend functions approachable and enjoyable to Frontend Devs. The podcast discusses this customisation approach at length. Integrated Charting is one of those killer features in AG Grid that is just waiting for a team to discover and allows a user to have full control over creating charts from data in the grid. On the pod cast Lara Newsom described the draw backs of trying to create your own data grid because the complexity of a hand crafted solution quickly grows to an unmanageable state.

When developing complex applications, two-way binding makes interacting with the view much easier. The developer always has the ability to change the view. For example, change the input line to a drop-down list. Adult programming languages ​​that have come a long way of development have perfectly worked out various design patterns.

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Out of the box, angular.js comes with a ready-made set of directives, recognized to make it easier to solve common tasks. Any developer, if necessary, can create their own directives, thereby expanding the functionality. The first frameworks effectively dealt with the structure of the application being developed.

The developers did not get involved in holy wars against HTML. Instead, they tried to extend the capabilities of the markup language Java Developer Salary Skills and Resume and take it to the next level with additional directives. Lack of features – just create a directive according to your preferences.

In this episode Emma tells Aaron and Jennifer about some awesome new Angular team members and their contributions, including Sarah Dranser joining Google as Director of Engineering for Core Web. There’s a quick fangirl/fanboy session over what a fantastic manager and mindful engineer Sarah is and the resources she provides to the community. They touched on the highly anticipated form typing changes coming and the Angular team’s RFC process that allows community members to give feedback on features before they’re completed.

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It’s a bit meta, we know, but we wanted to share with you a little bit about why we spend a few hours every week to create the Angular Show. This podcast was born out of a desire to make a podcast that reflects the community, that is inclusive, and that is welcoming.We also wanted to share with you some of the funny moments that have occurred both before and during the show. We also shared how we transitioned the show this year to focus on producing several series, with more in depth series yet to come on topics such as forms.

  • Not exactly.Developer Relations is a relatively new career that has evolved over time into what it is today.
  • He joins us to talk about collaboration between UX and frontend, and shares his wise words and war-stories based on his many years of UX experience.
  • The panel make me feel like I’m part of the angular discussion which I don’t get anywhere else….

Dependency Injection is one of the most powerful features of the Angular Framework, but a lot of us take it for granted. Maria Korneeva joins us to talk about Angular Dependency Injection, Injection Tokens, and the new features introduced with v14. Minko Gechev talks about how Angular 9 changes the future of Angular. In the podcast Stephen also describe some creative uses of AG Grid like using it for interactive schema management configuration tools on top of a Web API, and his work with NG templates.

It can sound a bit daunting, perhaps scary, but also exciting. The idea of putting your hand to the wheel and directing the ship can be thrilling. Leading a team of individuals is a prospect that many people dream of.The Angular Show had an opportunity to sit down with Sam Julien, Director of Developer Relations at Auth0, to discuss his move from engineer, to DevRel, to Director of DevRel.

Stephen Cooper was guest on The Angular Plus show podcast which was released on 8th July 2022. Stephen is a lead developer in Angular at AG Grid and joined the company because he had used AG Grid in the past and created various extension wrappers for it in previous roles. Maina Wycliffe, Google Developer Expert in Angular, joins the show today to talk about his weekly newsletter called “All Things Typescript” and his various content and production strategies. Similarly, Charles also shares his perspective about how he has grown TopEndDevs.

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In this episode, we chat with Luca Mezzalira, who has tackled this very question with numerous teams and sheds some light on how to think about the architectural considerations and distributed systems in general. In this Episode, Anna Lytical – the sickeningly entertaining education drag queen, shares with us the importance of LGBTQ+ representation and how flamboyantly discussing computer science helps normalize dressing up and engages the audience in a new, creative, and fun way. In this episode, Darin Webb shares how you can empower tomorrow’s generations by increasing classroom access to computers and computer science courses and what it’s like migrating your career from the corporate to the non-profit sector.

  • In fact, many organizations now have engineering-specific growth opportunities that prevent forcing people into leadership and management in order to gain increased visibility, compensation, and influence in an organization.
  • On the podcast Stephen described his first encounters and experiences with AG Grid as a component that was fast to use and easy to delight customers.
  • Plugins that solve specific problems were the first step towards modularity and code reuse.
  • While we love the Angular product, we love the Angular community equally as much and know that healthy conversation, and sometimes criticism, is the path towards a thriving ecosystem.

Sam shares how he first learned that his passion was DevRel and then how he grew into a leader. Sam shares some great resources that he has used to learn the skills necessary to be an effective and compassionate leader of his team. He also shares some of the struggles and hurdles that he has faced on his journey.Grab your iced, double-shot, oat milk latte and join Aaron Frost, Jeniffer Wadella, and Brian Love as they chat with Sam about his journey.

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The jQuery library has become the number one tool for developing web applications. Thousands of inspired developers have embraced the new wave and started contributing in the form of a variety of plugins. Plugins that solve specific problems were the first step towards modularity and code reuse. Two full stack Angular developers share experiences and knowledge gained building custom Angular software templates and libraries…

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One of the best tech podcasts I’ve listened to, and I listen to a lot. On this podcast, the masters of angular and programming meet. Not only do I learn a lot about upcoming technologies and approaches to development, I also learn about how to think about programming. A key component of angular.js is directives that allow you to naturally extend the capabilities of html. They are elegantly added to existing tags and create an invisible bridge between html and JavaScript.

Full stack developers Jared Palmer and Ken Wheeler have peer-to-peer conversations with world-class engineers about software development. I’ve been a long-time listener to JavaScript Jabber and just recently decided to learn AngularJS. This new podcast has been really useful to me as I go through the long process – it’s going to take me many months before I’ll consider myself a competent AngularJS developer – of getting a good grip…

Although the podcast is primarily focussed on Angular, the podcast did touch on the recent work done by AG Grid to make the React experience 100% React and still support Angular, Vue and JavaScript. During this discussion the topic of customising the grid came up. Stephen describes the benefit of using Twitter for sharing knowledge and learning from others. Stephen had seen an AG Grid demo at an Angular Connect conference in London and used it successfully in a trial from a C Sharp application. Stephen described moving from C Sharp to front end development with Angular JS and then to Angular. Today on the show, Charles provides three simple steps you can implement today to help get you there.

This podcast will help you to revise the most asked questions in Angular. This Podcast is dedicated your weekly updates for Tech news, Coding tricks and tips, React Angular Vue and more. Blogger Outreach or Influencer Marketing Reach thousands of authority bloggers and social media influencers in your domain area. Feedspot has over 100k Influential Bloggers database classified in more than 1500 niche categories. Unless you just want to sit in a cave and code by yourself all day, this is a can’t-miss podcast for Angular.

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